PTA working on Application Which Will Enable Users To Create Bank Account On Phone


As the world of finance is advancing Pakistan is also working on keeping up to date with the trends of the world.

Recently the chairman of the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), who is Dr Syed Ismael Shah on 29th Jan stated that they are working on giving the people of Pakistan a way to Open Bank Account in Pakistan using only their Mobile phones and will hopefully be available to the people of Pakistan in 2019.

While talking to the press after attending the Opening ceremony of Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) he stated that Pakistan is improving their Financial sector using Digital means

“Two and a half years ago there was no broadband service in Pakistan but now the country has access to 3G, 4G technologies.”

He stated that the government is also helping with the improvement by decreasing around 20% Tax on mobile data by acquiring the help of the different provinces. he also added to it by saying that around 70% of Pakistan’s sims have been verified using Biometric system.

The PTA is currently working on creating an Application on mobile with the help of the Pakistani Network ” Telenor ” which will allow people to make bank accounts online by only using their phones.

They are also working on enabling women to do official work from home.

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Sufyan Khan


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