PSO Launches new Premium quality petrol in Pakistan


Pakistan State Oil (PSO) will dispatch enhanced quality oil and HOBC fuel from Monday morning (today), in front of its across the nation deal throughout the following three to four days .

“The price of deregulated HOBC, under the new name of Altron X High Performance, will go up by Rs.5-7 per litre”he company’s spokesperson told The Express Tribune.

Speaking about the introduction of Altron X Hi- Octane 97, Sheikh Imranul Haque, MD & CEO, PSO, said:

“PSO is the most trusted Oil Marketing Company of Pakistan and we have earned that status by delivering the best fuel products to our customers in the hardest of situations. The launch of Altron X Hi- Octane 97 is yet another testament to Pakistan State Oil’s commitment to effectively meeting the changing needs of our consumers with fuel products that are at par with global standards. While we cater to the evolving fuel needs of contemporary vehicles, our new higher RON fuel products also ensure lower emissions, responding positively to the urgent need for environment-friendly fuels. In addition to environment preservation, the cleaner fuel also means a cleaner and healthier engine which will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance.”

Enhancing fuel quality, and meeting the country’s vitality necessities have been key constituents of Pakistan State Oil’s main goal, both of which are productively met by the organization. Pakistan State Oil promises to embrace activities that improve our buyers’ fuelling knowledge and guarantee across the nation accessibility of every one of its items.

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Arooj Fatima


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