Here the procedure How to convert any sim network to Ufone network.


Now people can convert their any network to Ufone network by an easy method, including Zong network to Ufone network, Telenor network to Ufone, Warid network to Ufone, Mobilink Jazz to Ufone network.

People who don’t have Ufone network and want to join Ufone network without changing their numbers. They simply change their network to Ufone without changing their number.

Here are the complete procedure of converting any network into Ufone network. You can also check more information about change network at Ufone official website. There is two procedure of convert network.

People can simply visit any Ufone franchise or Ufone Customer Care with original CNIC, and photocopy of CNIC and original sim. Ufone care centres will convert their sim network into Ufone network by an easy method with any trouble. They verified your sim by the biometric system. After thumb impression, your sim will be activated. You can put the new Ufone sim from Ufone Care Center. 

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