Problems The Gaming Industry Of Pakistan Is Facing


We all know that as that gaming is really famous in the world of tech, people from kids to old people are playing game causing them to be lazy and other things but it has become a drug for the people of Pakistan and can’t spend time without it whether it be Mobile gaming, Console Gaming or Pc gaming regardless of the place they are in even while taking a dump!

But with It Comes to the Problems which makes it hard for us  gamers and here are a few important ones:

Lack Of People Interested In Game Development

As the people are interested in gaming nowadays it doesn’t take much time to finish a game from start to end and then go after another game but as the people are only interested in playing games no one is left behind to create them in Pakistan because the government of Pakistan has not provided any resources or anything which will increase people wanting to go into the field of game development whereas in other 1st world countries the government are encouraging students to join the field of game development by giving them facilities.

Online Game Buying In Pakistan

It is considered to be too dangerous to buy games online since people don’t know because in order to know they should at least try to buy things online but unfortunately most of the people of Pakistan have never bought anything online so they think it is really ridiculous to do so, even though they are getting full security but they dont realise that.


Piracy, it is being done so commonly nowadays that we don’t think of it as a bad thing anymore, we are used to buying games a fraction of their original price which further drops down the economy of the gaming industry causing people to not wanting to make games because it is of no use to them because it doesn’t make them any money.

In the end I come to the conclusion that it is not the governments fault it is our fault because we don’t take this billion dollar industry seriously.



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Sufyan Khan


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