Here is the price rate and specification of Nokia 105 and 130:

This article is about the price rate and specification of Nokia 105 and 130 go. As we all know that Nokia is the one of the biggest cell phone developers company. On 28 of July 2017, Nokia announced that we are going to release Nokia 105 and 130 go. These both cell phones are freshly designed with fantastic packing.these phones are more reliable than the old phones.

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Nokia 130:

These upcoming Nokia 105 and 130 have 1.8-inch colour screens with sleek and flash LED torch and Nokia 105 and 130 are available in three different colours. These Nokia 105 and 130 both you can buy the charger, handsfree and developers offer these phones in best rate. In this cell phones, developers added some more new features and many of them are common like they added LED torchlight in Nokia 105 and 130 you guys can turn on this light with the press the up button at twice.

Nokia 105:

You guys can get these Nokia 105 and 130 cell phone with single sim feature and in dual sim. If we talk about the price rate of these phones so Nokia 105 will be available in just 2080 PKR with three differents colour. Nokia 130 will be available in 3310 PKR with the single sim or dual sim with three different colours.