The port of Pixel Launcher has been launched and fully ported for the non-rooted devices.


Pixel Launcher now released and it is fully ported for the non-rooted devices.

Pixel introduced the ‘Pixel launcher’. The company also mentioned that they latest launcher only for the pixel devices. Now they did not offer for Other Android devices. Last year, they introduced the Pixel launcher for every Android device. Any Android users can use but now they only launch for those who have pixel devices.

But the number of ports available for the other devices but they don’t offer the exclusive features for other devices. They only offer this exclusive feature only for the Pixel devices. The most-awaited port now released by the developer named AmirZ on Reddit. They also shared on the Android subreddit.

Now people can use all the exclusive features including, “G” pill, weather/time widget, and swipe anywhere to access app drawer among others. Now you can download from the Github page and get the newer launcher for Pixel devices.

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