PorHub website announced the latest report of traffic stats – Pakistani womens got 4th highest ranked.


Pornhub website launched its latest traffic stats. According to the report 86 percents use this website on the Mobile phone. Report are really unbelievable.

The mature content website announced the latest list of traffic stats with the name of ‘Countries with the Largest Proportion of Mobile Use by Women’. According to the report, 86 percent women use this website in the mobile phone. Pakistani women are at the 4th number of the list. Its really believable report revealed by the adult website.

The shocking news is that Pakistan is the Muslim country. Pakistani women like to watch videos on their mobile phones, as compared to desktop or other devices. So now Pakistan countries are at the top of the list where ladies like to watch adult videos on their mobile phones.

According to the men, 74 percent men are using this website on their mobile phones but the Pakistani men are 12 percent lower than Pakistani women. According to the other Muslim countries, Mayasia is at the 7th number of the list. Our neighbour country women are at the 5th number below from Pakistan.

They also showed that South Africa, US and the Uk countries is the first third countries who use this content websites on their mobile phones. They also mention that women’s ratio is higher than men’s that they use porn sites on their mobile phones. But above the report does not means that Pakistani womens visit these websites a lot. According to this graph, it shows that Pakistani women traffic is less than the percent.


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