Now robotic waiter service is available in Multan restaurant.

0 restaurant now open in Multan, Pakistan. First time in Pakistan, they provide an amazing robotic waiter service to its customers.

Syed Usama Aziz is the son of restaurant’s owner, he is an electrical engineer. Usama is highly interested in Robotics field. He did his engineering from Nust university. This robotic technology completely made in Pakistan.

Syed Usama Aziz started his engineering from Nust in 2011 and completed in 2015. He wanted to explore their robotic study from abroad but his father convinced to stay in Pakistan and prove his talent in Pakistan. After the failing for further studies from abroad. He decided to prove his talent here in Pakistan.

Here’s the video of Robotic Waiter service: Owner’s son, he decided to improve serving process. I think the first time in Robotic waiter service available in Pakistan. He changed the whole serving process by the Robotic system.

According to the Syed Usama Aziz, if they import Robotic system from the other countries, it will be in millions of rupees. They decided to made his own Robotic system. He develops his own Rebote from Scratch. He works hard 8 months on this project. Usama Aziz invests only Rs. 400,000 and made his own robotic waiter, and now ready for the work in a restaurant. I think it’s an amazing system develop in Multan. He is also testing the robot in Multan’s branch.

The Robot serves order to all the customer’s meal. After the serving Robot come back to the counter. Usama used, mechanical and electrical components in the robot, and he also said that robot completely develop in Pakistan. He develops in very short time, he did his project in 8 months even Usama Aziz have limited resources.

He launched robot service in Multan, he also plans to launch in Hyderabad branch.

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