Pilotless Flying Drone Texi Will be Launched in Dubai in This Summer.


According to the Dubai Traffic rules, Dubai transports authority and roads gone ahead. Now in Dubai, they can use the aerial Drone flying taxi in Dubai for people’s transport. Many companies are trying to build these types of drone from past years but they are failed to built. Especially Amazon company work hard on this drone to built aerial pilotless transport for the peoples.

source: The Sun

‘Prime Air’ tested a run in the UK. But Dubai offers that they are launched in Dubai as a flying Taxi for people’s transports. Because the roads transport went ahead. They are not only for delivering the things, prime air also carrying the passengers.

source: The Sun

RTA has a partnered with Chinese company Ehang. The Chinese firm Ehang and they are showed the result. A few days ago, Chinese firm Zhang showed the pilotless vehicle at the World Government Summit. But this is not the confirmed report but still not sure about the deal. But this is the exact vehicle would be launched in Dubai and transport people from place to another place.

source: Bplaced

In this vehicle have many features,  Ehang 184’s is a touch screen and they will show the map and the areas. People can travel easily. People can punch the map, Map will help to travelors. It is driverless vehicle and its safe for everyone.

source: Fairydetox

Dubai launched this flying drone just becuase of their road are cluttered and mostly traffic blocked because of rush on the roads. The drone speed will up to 160 KPH.

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