PIa Have Introduced A New ERP Solution To Help Improve Their Productivity


PIA has implemented A modern ERP solution to Upgrade itself, PIA who is already facing many problems and one of them was their Productivity but luckily they has come up with solutions to that problems too.

The implementation of the new strategy will help PIA to Increase its productivity and become more integrated into the Aviation Industry, said a press release.

This will help PIA overcome problems faster, in turn causing the whole Company to run smoothly and giving their customers satisfaction as well as them because this implementation will help them automate almost everything. The most Important thing added will be “faster Risk Management system” which is currently a problem for PIA.

The contract of coming up with the Great Solution was given to InfoTech group

The company is already known for their great consultancy in offering solutions to every one of your business problems, and offering them around %50 times faster. They were able to come up with solutions to panning Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Maintenance Management, Hyperion and BI, in just one year.

MR. Hilderbrand, who is the CEO of PIA said that the automation is a very important factor for PIA’s improvement. It will help the company to have better administration and time to concentrate on more important things!

Mr Naseer, who is the CEO of InfoTech said that the level of hard word and commitment shown by PIA’s side In implementing this project was really good!.

Mr Nayyar Hayat, who is the CFO of PIA instructed his PIA team to act upon the project and reach their goals for a better PIA.

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Sufyan Khan


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