Imagine how it would feel to look through the fierce eyes of a large and majestic animal. Sometimes, a moment like that is not easy to happen, and only those who are lucky enough will be able to witness it. The close encounter of Conrad Tan with a Minnesota black wolf is an example of good luck and perfect timing.

Actually, photography was Conrad’s late starting but the most passionate hobby. “What began from a desire to look at a wallpaper I created myself has become an obsession of sorts,” he wrote.

“I am consumed with creating the perfect photograph, whatever that may be. I tend to struggle with every image I create because I believe I can always make it better. I guess that is what keeps me coming back. There are so many disciplines in this hobby I’ve yet to try. I also love to help other photographers if I can. I think it is important to give back to the hobby that’s given me so much happiness.”

On an excursion to Minnesota, he was able to experience a rare encounter with a black wolf and the result was as amazing as you could imagine. Here are some photos capturing that moment:

According to American Native Legends, the black wolf is a spirit wolf who often shows up with a message – if you see a black wolf, it tells that you are going to learn a major life lesson.

Despite their black coat, these wolves belong to the grey wolf family. Their fur color results from a genetic mutation that increases dark pigmentation. Conrad Tan, thanks to his photos, has successfully shown how beautiful and majestic this species is.

Minnesota locates 13 national wildlife refuges with a cover of 150 million acres. Each refuge has a distinct set of attractions for birders and wildlife watchers. Will you visit Minnesota to witness the abundant wildlife of this land?