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Petroleum prices reached Record peak in one month

Federal government has decided to increase petrol prices ( Rs. 92) to Rs.99.50 per liter. Similarly  government has also decided to increase prices of Diesel ,Kerosene Oil and white light Diesel Oil.

High speed Diesel price is now increased to Rs.119.31 ,Price of Kerosene oil is increased to Rs.87.91 per liter while Light light Diesel oil price is increased to Rs.80.91 per liter.

Government has said that Prices of Petrol are increased because of deprecation in value of Rupee and also because of increase  petrol prices internationally.

The Government of Pakistan has decided to increase prices as OGRA’s recommended. OGRA had recommended this because of tight fiscal position.

From 1st July 2018, the new prices will be effective.


Product Old Price New Price
RON 92 Petrol 91.96 99.50
Diesel (HSD) 105.31 119.31
Kerosene Oil 84.34 87.70
Light Diesel (LSD) 74.99 80.91

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