Petrol Prices On The Spike after Increase By Ishaq Dar


On Thursday the Government Of Pakistan choose to give the orders of increasing the fuel price after a long, long time! the reason for this increase became the really high rise in the use of petroleum products in the international market as well as the local one. The fuel types that will increase in price are as followed:

Fuel Price Increased 

  • Petrol: Increased to the price of Rs 2.25 per litre ( From 68.04 to 70.29)
  • High Speed Diesel: The price of diesel increased by Rs 2.26 per litre ( From 75.22 to 77.48)

These are the only increases that were announced on Tuesday but keep in mind that these price increases are only for two weeks Starting from the 1st of February till the 15th of February.

Ogra recommendations stated that the prices of the Fuels should be increased by Rs 6.11 in Petrol and Rs 5.55 in High Speed Diesel. Ishaq Dar stated that the prices increased are half from what Ogra recommended us to increase but they also took the holestic view of the entire economy which includes minimum vage workers aswell, causing them problems thats why the prices of Kerosene and Light Diesel Oil did not get increased.

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Sufyan Khan


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