Here is the personel bio data of ‘Angel of Mercy’ Abdul Sattar Edhi


Here is the personal bio data of ‘Angel of Mercy’ Abdul Sattar Edhi:

This article is about the ‘Angel of Mercy’ the Abdul Sattar Edhi. In this article, we will share some detail which is related with this man and its passion. Abdul Sattar Edhi is the man who got an award of humanitarian and philanthropist. Abdul Sattar Edhi was known as ‘Angel of Mercy’. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a man who worked as a social worker and he makes a foundation in the name of Abdul Welfare Foundation.

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This foundation was built by the Abdul Sattar Edhi and now the owner of this foundation is the wife of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in the district Gujrat on 28 of Feb 1928 and then this man moved to Karachi.

Abdul Sattar Edhi:

When Abdul Sattar Edhi was 19 years old his mother died and Abdul Sattar Edhi was get affected. later on, Abdul Sattar Edhi noticed that Pakistan country has lacked medicine education and then this man made the mission of his life to help peoples than he builds the Abdul Sattar Edhi foundation and this foundation was running on the private donations. Abdul Sattar Edhi has registered guardian of more than 20,000 kids at the time of his death.

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