People can be read 200 Books per year Behalf the time they waste on social media


People can be read 200 Books per year Behalf the time they waste on social media:

The survey reports that in the world an average person spends a lot of time off on social media and more than a thousand hours watching tv if we count per day so it will more than one and a half hour per day. Warren Buffett said to someone about his secret to success.

Read more than 500 pages of books per day it will build up your knowledge. Charles research says that American reads 200 to 300 words per minute. So if we calculate 200 books multiplied by 50,000 words = 10 million words, So if we divide 400 words per minute and we will get 25,000 minutes, about 417 hours per year and 200 books per year.

It’s a difficult task to read 500 pages per day, but those who are interested in reading books, They can surely read more than 500 pages per day. To start reading was one of the most important decisions of life because the books give courage and also knowledge. Reading books gives you the meaning of life that how to survive in the world.

One of the most successful and richest businessmen of the America (Warren Buffet) Said that the key to success is in the reading of books. But there are average of people in the world spending their time or we can say waste their time on Twitter Facebook And other social media, But there are some advantages of social media, that the useful article which is in Newsfeed of Social media and on twitter and also some kind of documentary film on tv are the good source of knowledge

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