Pemra issued a notice against 31 Pakistan new Channel because of airing Fake news and terrorizing the public.


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA), they issued a notice yesterday against 31 Pakistani news channel for airing fake news of bomb blast.

Earlier yesterday, a bomb blast in defence Lahore. According to the Pakistani news channel, they reported 8 peoples died and 15 peoples injured in Defence. After the Defence incident, they started reporting about another bomb blast in Gulberg area.

After the news of Gulberg blast, police and ambulance rescue teams dispatched to Gulberg area of Lahore. According to the news Channels, they reported the incident happened the outside area of the foreign food chain in Gulberg Lahore. According to the police, they reported that nothing had happened. Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah also reported about the blast in Gulberg.

source: TheNews


After the airing fake news on 31 Pakistani news channels, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority(PEMRA) issued a notice against 31 news channels in Pakistan. They also added that the News channels respond within one week with an explanation about the incident and why they aired fake news without any confirmation. News channels terrorising the public with the fake news.

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