Pemra fines to Hum TV Pakistani Channel for airing bold senes in ‘Kitni Girhein Baqi Hain’ Drama Serial.


Pakistani Channel Hum TV fined Rs. 1 million by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for airing objectionable scenes in ‘Kitni Girhein Baqi Hain’ Drama serial.

PEMRA reported that people complaint against the Hum Tv. Hum Tv airing the bad senes in an episode of ‘Kitni Girhein Baqi Hain’ on 29th January 2017 on Hum Tv channel. Pemra is the electronic media in Pakistan, they notice all the media and take actions.



PEMRA received a lot of complaints from public against the Hum Tv drama. According to the new report, after received the complaint from the public they sent show-cause notice to the Hum TV channel on 20th February 2017 and they also mentioned that they sent their explanation in seven days.

PEMRA also posted the notice on social media twitter:

They decided that the Hum Tv was in violation of clauses 3(1)(a), 3(1)(e), 12 and 17 of the Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct, 2015.

According to the press release, they stated that,

Thus on account of the airing of the episode “Chew Gum” in the drama serial “Kitni Girhein Baqi Hein” having indecent content… a fine of Rs 1,000,000 (rupees one million) is imposed on Hum TV, payable within three weeks from the issuance of this decision.

 Pemra also warned to Hum Tv Channel for the vigilant theme of its dramas and mentioned that a fine of Rs. 1 million pay within 3 weeks. Recently PEMRA also fine Rs. 1 million and the notice to the GEO Channel and handed  for airing Objectionable contents in channel and PEMRA also ban for five days on its Morning show.

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