Pakistan’s No. 1 network Zong celebrates its 9 years of successful operation.


Zong has the second largest 3G and 4G customers. Zong telecom company celebrates its 9 years of successful operations in Pakistan.

Zong is the largest telecom network company in Pakistan. They have 75 percent share in 4G network in Pakistan and 2.5B investment. Zong network provides its network in 300 cities in Pakistan and has the second highest no. of 3G and 4G customers.

Zong network provides its network from 2008. In 2008, Zong company being the smallest operator in Pakistan. After their efforts of 9 years, they invest in China Mobile Communications Corporation, and also the largest 4G telecom operator. Zong network company investment more than 2.5B. They establish its company with their efforts and growing network company in Pakistan.

The CEO and Chairman of Zong said,

Our customers are very important to us, we want to offer the best services at the most affordable rates with the widest and deepest network coverage throughout Pakistan.

He also added that We will continue to expand our network and increase our coverage map with additional investment of $200M in 2017 alone, reaching our 4G site count to 10,000, the highest of any operator in Pakistan.

According to the company, Zong has more than 3.1 million people use Zong 4G network in Pakistan. Zong company leading all the digital revolution in last 9 year in Pakistan. They also introduced the first fastest 4G internet in Pakistan at low rates.

Zong network company operates in 300 cities of Pakistan. They introduced the latest technology of internet in Pakistan. Zong company introduced 1,000 4G sites in 2016. People can enjoy with 4G internet nonstop streaming and downloading in Pakistan.

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