Pakistan’s Leading IT Solution Kwick High Tech signed with PTV Group, Germany.


Kwick High Tech is providing the solution of Telecom and Financial sector in Pakistan. They are also leading Pakistan’s IT solution and Sim manufacturer company. Quick (Pvt) Ltd provides biometric solutions technology, about the internet, and M2M communication.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Kwick High Tech and PTV Group, onGermany. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will be working these sectors:

  • 3D Mapping & Simulation
  • Traffic Management
  • Logistics & Hybrid Solutions for Fleet Management
  • Safe & Smart Cities
  • Transport Planning

According to Kwick High Tec, they shall be providing their different products, sensors, gateways and M2M devices. It will set up the new technology for graduates in the country and also corporation with authority on smart cities.


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