Pakistani users of 3G and 4G reached 38.269 million in the end of the January 2017.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) unveil report on tuesday, Pakistani users of 3G, 4G reached 38.269 million in the end of the month of Januaey 2017.

According to the PTA report, the mobile users in Pakistan reached 137.095 million in the end of January 2017 up from 136.489 million at the end of December 2016. 0.606 million new internet users increase in one month. They also addd that Pakistan largest network of Mobilink had 41.253 million users can use by the end of December 2016 and Warid network had 10.27 million users can use 4G internet.

Zong and Telenor network, both companies had reached 27.496 million and 39.586 million by the end of the month January 2017 as compared to December they had 26.929 million and 39.453. Ufone network decreased their users of internet and subscribers, they reached 18.478 million from 18.581 by the end of December 2016.

The total number of users, Jazz subscribers reached 700,486 in January 2017, and Warid network subscriber reached 637,363 in December 2016, Zong subsribers reached 2,274,157 in January 2017.

According  to the reports, Zong 85% 4G customers are on dongles/ Mifi devices. Now people can use the device of Zong 4G MBB. They further added that, the operators will add more towers, because growing the number of 4G users. In case the users of 4G increased in single tower, the speed and quality will decease for everyone. For the maintainance and improve the 4G internet service, they will add more towers. Because people can avail 4G and use 4G service.

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