Pakistani Talented Student: Hassan Javaid Bandesha Launched Social Media Site ‘Epatcher’


Hassan Javaid Bandesha is the brilliant student of CA and young web programmer from Multan. Hassan created a social media website just like Facebook and Linkedin.

People can make the CV and maintain here. Pakistani talented boy can do the best and try to create new things. His website name ‘Epatcher’ is just like Facebook. Pakistani student built at home. Hassan Javaid started development in 2014 and he also decided to launch its official social media website on 1st Feb 2017.

source: Epatcher

The Ceo of Epatcher said that people will love this website because of everything available in one place. People can talk with others just like facebook or twitter and they also can getting notification of latest trends.

Personal data of any people, website promises they will not share on the website. Only the info of IP address and web Browser and does not include personal information about any person.

Hassan Javaid Bandesha achieving his target without any support and leant coding in his own. He is working to increase his users and the ads on a website are just for testing.

In Pakistan, there have a lot of minds but the Hassan did well and he also wants his website to the great web platform.

You can visit the website epatcher.

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