Pakistani Super League Live Streaming across 1 Million views in 3 days.


Pakistans first exclusive content live streaming across 1 million views in 3 days. In Pakistan, 20% of internet penetration gone in Pakistan. People can use the internet for latest news and updates happening in the world.

According to the Executive director of Blitz, Kashif Amin asking about growth of business and prospects of the platform, he said that,

A major paradigm shift is happening within the media industry of Pakistan, and we intend to lead the charge. With 63% internet penetration in Lahore, live stream content will be King in times to come, and we look forward to exclusive content partnerships with major brands and agencies to establish our foothold as a premier digital content provider in times to come

source: Pakistan

In Pakistan, first time PCB official media marketing of PSL. The Blitz advertisers partners with ITW and Trans Group, they are successfully launched in Pakistan and now they are at Pakistan’s first exclusive content live stream. Here the site you can visit any time cricket

Live Streaming appreciated by viewers and ranging from smartphones, laptops, televisions and other different electronics devices They recorded 1 million viewers in 3 days on live streaming. They are 1.8 times greater than market rates. Other brands just like mobile brands soft drinks, banks and many brand are booked ad within hours of streaming.

The management of the Digital rights has blocked 1800+ unlicensed on DRM.


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