Latest Passport ranking list released this month, Pakistani passport is still worst passport.


Pakistani passport is still worst passport and ranked at the 196 number out of 199 in the world, released by Nomad Passport Indes 2017 released.

Nomad Passport Index released the passport ranking this month. Pakistani passport ranked at 196 in ranking. Nomad capitalised is one of the most visited websites.  The Nomad Capitalist, they growing their investment on international markets. They reduce their business in different countries.

Here is the list of top 5 passports and at the highest ranked passport in the world:

  • Sweden, score 109
  • Belgium, score 108
  • Italy (tied), score 107.5
  • Spain (tied), score 107.5
  • Ireland, score 107

These are the bottom 5 passports and at the lowest ranked countries in the world:

  • Afghanistan, score 20.5
  • Iraq, score 23
  • Eritea, score 23.5
  • Pakistan, score 24.5
  • Libya, score 25

According to the neighbour countries, Afghanistan ranked at the 191 number with 27.5 score, India ranked at number 160, 36 score and China ranks at the 164 with 35 scores. China at the low ranked just because of lack of internet freedom.

These are 5 criteria different passport were ranked:

  • Visa-free travel – 50% of ranking
  • Taxation – 20% of ranking
  • Perception – 10% of ranking
  • Dual citizenship – 10% of ranking
  • Overall freedom – 10% of ranking

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