Pakistani, Multani student has created his own social media website


Pakistan is a country full of hidden talent. why hidden you ask? because Pakistanis are more focused on the main cities of Pakistan but forget that other cities are also filled with talent. But this thing is slowly changing.

A student of Multan managed to create a social media site just like Facebook but it seems to be more of a mixture of two top social media sites ( Facebook and Linkedin) 

the name of this legend is Hassan javaid Bandesha who is a programmer who recently learned to code and is a CA student. The main page of the website seems to be more of as professional website like Linkedin where people can upload their CV’s but with the added features of updating statuses and messaging like Facebook.

Startup and progress

According to the CEO of the company, the idea was taken into practice back in 2014  and since then it has been in development. It was until November of 2016 that it was put on the test and after getting amazing results it is now officially launched.

Hassan stated that he wanted to create a platform where users get everything from professional use to social and entertainment purposes e.g

  • Chatting
  • Building a pro network
  • social uses


Currently, Hassan has not officially monetized his website but has put ads on the side of his website for testing purposes until he finds other ways to monetize his website

Pakistan is full of talent and all we need to do is to get the right tools (people) to mine all the talent out of the brilliant minds across Pakistan.

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Sufyan Khan


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