Pakistani media ‘’ banned by Facebook without any warning.


Facebook recently banned Pakistani media ‘’ without any warning notice.

According to the, they said that their official Facebook page has been banned. Page have 3.7 million likes. They also added that they page not accessible anywhere in the world. Facebook not allowed any siasat link on the Facebook. They blocked any links about siasat. mentioned that, Facebook has not send any notice or warning about the page. They just banned the page with no reason. They also send email for the clarification but they has not responce for 2 days. was also banned by the PTA in Pakistan but they unblocked because of public pressure. .

The Website admin claimed that,

Facebook, under the recent contract with Interior ministry, is bound to block any page for which a directive is received through PTA.

 People also protesting on social media, #WeStandWithSiasatpk is top trend on twitter and facebook.

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