Shaheen Air International bought another new plane its model A319, announced on Monday.


Pakistan’s largest airline, Shaheen Air International bought new airbus its model ‘A319’. Shaheen Air announced on Wednesday. The same model of Shaheen Air A319 also bought on last month.

Shaheen Airline launched in Pakistan after Pakistan International Airline(PIA). Shaheen Air International is one of the oldest airlines in Pakistan. It is also the based in private airline in Pakistan.

Shaheen Air International, the same model they bought last month, there is no difference. The capacity of seating is 150 and more comfortable seating. The A319 plane will only for economy class passengers. Shaheen Air A319 changes the lighting because of different conditions of flights. The new Generation aircraft Boeing 737-800 owned by Serene Air.

Shaheen Air International was also announced in the Social media Facebook, they post on Facebook,

Shaheen Air International is proud to announce a new addition to their fleet with another bird A319 arriving today in the hometown, Pakistan.

Shaheen Air international improve the service and re-branded with the new logo of the company. They trying to better their image. According  to the Geo News, they said in news, Shaheen Air have issued in engine part, Airbus A-330 flight from Islamabad to manchester there a fault in fuel quantity. They also said they wires and chains are tied together. Shaheen Air clarified later airbus approved wire-lock method and maintenance.

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