Pakistan to Receive 30 Battle Helicopters From Turkey in Biggest Ever Bilateral Defense Contract


Pakistan and Turkey have achieved an assention for the offer of 30 Turkish-made T129 ATAK battle helicopters making it the biggest ever barrier bargain between the nations.

The two nations have been arranging an arrangement since 2014, notwithstanding, the agreement was made open on May 24 by Turkey’s decision party.


According to the arrangement, Pakistan will purchase 30 T129 ATAK helicopters from Turkey. The terms of the arrangement and the cost of every helicopter haven’t been made open yet. Be that as it may, as per reports, it will be worth $1.5 billion – relatively equivalent to Turkey’s yearly resistance sends out.

The T129 helicopters are the first-since forever helicopters made by Turkey locally under the permit from the Italian-British AgustaWestland. Up until this point, the organization behind these machines named TAI has conveyed 35 T129s to the Turkish Army the Gendarmerie compel.

The helicopter has twin-motors with couple situate cockpit alongside the capacity to convey hostile to tank rockets. These helicopters are operable for assaults, outfitted surveillance, exactness strike and profound strike missions taking all things together climate and day and night conditions.


Pakistan beforehand procured 12 US-fabricated Bell AH-1Z Vipers and it has been trying the T129s since 2016. Discussing the obtainment of these new winged creatures, Pakistan Army Aviation leader Major General Nasir Shah told a media gathering;

“Army Aviation has plans to further enhance its attack helicopter fleet, and various options are currently being considered and evaluated. The [current 32] AH-1 helicopters have provided effective close support for our ground forces engaged in counter-insurgency [COIN] operations, but they cannot be employed effectively in high-altitude operations above 8,000 ft”

The helicopters will be utilized by the Pakistan Army Aviation Division. Turkey says that it expects more requests from Pakistan and different nations too.

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Arooj Fatima


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