Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) requested to block selling websites which is not registered.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) requested to block and all the selling websites which companies not registered with the legal authorities.

The requested concerns by Senior Vice Chairman Cental Standing Committee of Tourism and Travel of  former vice Chairman Diplomatic Affairs Standing Committee of FPCCI, Habibullah stated that,

We are not business hungry but ‘’ & other similar websites & applications are poisoning our travel & tourism industry.

From dawn to dusk our industry personals are facing troubles caused by the firms who do not bear any stake in Pakistan & hitting our industry so bad that is what I see as a root cause for the declining of travel industry of Pakistan.

He also said that, If they want to business with Pakistan than they must be registered their companies with the taxation departments like FBR, SECP in Pakistan.

He sent the proposal to block the website and all other similar selling websites. Because they having issues with their Travel and Tourism services.

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