Pakistan State Oil launched ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine at different Petrol Pumps Across Pakistan


Pakistan State Oil launched ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine at different Petrol Pumps Across Pakistan:

PSO launched ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine at Petrol Pumps on February 01, 2017 in the Karachi. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is the one of the largest oil marketing company in the Pakistan and so has many branches In all, over the Pakistan, PSO recently installed some vending machines in the Karachi petrol pumps, So is the well-established organization and also the iconic institution of Pakistan.
PSO commitment to their customers that they will bring improvement in the life of customers.

Location of the ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine:

The location of the ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine in Karachi is (Shahrah-e-Faisal), AB Ghazi Service Station, near Abdullah Shah Ghazi. So has the plans that they are going to launch this ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine on all over the Pakistan because the response of the 1st ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine was very good for the customers.
‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine will accept coins, including paper money, This is a new thing from the PSO to the Pakistani market, This ‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine will help the customers of the PSO now they will purchase soft drinks Snarks energy drink chips, cookies drinking water and also the children snakes and eats during their tanks were filled.

‘REFUEL’ Vending Machine:

This is the good change of the PSO organization in the entire Petrol Pumps of the Karachi, PSO is going to change the all over the environment of the petrol pumps, PSO Pakistan gives Value to its customers, PSO recently signed the agreement with the ALLIED Bank that they will install The ATMs all over the Pakistan with the help of Pakistan state oil.

Image Source: propakistani

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