Pakistan Government allows to Car importer’s now import up to 5 years old car in Pakistan


Good news for the car import from Pakistan Government, now car importer can import five years old any car in Pakistan.

Pakistan government allows to Cars importer now import 5 five years old car in Pakistan. Pakistan Motor Dealers Association (APDMA), all the importers including Japanese car importers sent proposals to Ministry of Finance to allow this proposal in the upcoming budget of 2017-2018.

The association also suggested to the government for allowing imports up to five years old cars in Pakistan. The Body said in its proposal,

We suggest that only the certified members of APMDA should be allowed to import the used vehicles on the commercial basis for the sake of transparency of the trade.

This scheme will facilitate for every Pakistani people to import used cars from Japan. They also recommended that, there is no age limit for the import of cars. According to the Amnesty scheme of March 2013, 52,000 smuggled cars adjusting without restriction of age limit. People avoid from smuggling high rate taxes.

The Importer said This would also help the government to enhance its tax base as well as the volume of revenue.

There is no reduction in price from many years. People can pay 100% payment in advance and the car takes three to six months for delivery of the car. The government impose fixed on customs import duty on 1800 CC cars. APDMA also said that notification titled C.G.O. 01/09 dated 13-01-2009, the government obtains on above 1800 CC used cars @2 percent per month on old cars.

Car import facility for last 30 years for Pakistan citizens. As a current S.R.O the import value is @1 percent per month. The importer already paying the high rate for import cars and 60 percent on 1800CC or above (cars and Jeeps).

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