Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority(PEMRA) bans on the Zong Television Commercial because of some complaints.

PEMRA is the largest department in Pakistan, they have issued the license for channels in Pakistan. They control all the electronic media, mass-media culture. They also responsible for the regulating.

A few days ago, Zong airing the new ad on Television. But the Pemra puts a ban on this ad. According to the PEMRA, they said that Zong showed some objectionable scene on that ad. In this ad, they showed that girls and boys playing cricket and shows a boy getting hit by ball between the legs.

PEMRA also banned the Zong and oppo mobile phone ad because PEMRA received the complaints from the public about the ads. Now they again airing the same TVC and public complained again about that ad.

Now PEMRA strictly bans on that ad, they said PBA does not air the ad again on TVC. They also added that, in any case of violation, they will met with severe action if any channel air the Zong ad.

Here is the picture of PEMRA notification against the Zong Ad:

Here is the Zong TVC ad, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority(PEMRA) bans on this Ad.