Pakistan becomes second largest community investment in Dubai real Estate Market.

According to the Dubai Land Department, Pakistan now the second largest investment community in Dubai property. Pakistan in the top countries include British, Saudi Arabia India, British, Saudi Arabia into the dubai property from 2013 till now.

India is on the first largest investor in Dubai. Pakistan investor are second to Indian investors. India Deposited $18.23 Billion dirham. Pakistani investor has started investment from 2016 in Dubai real estate.

Source: Emirates


According to the Dubai Landing Department, pakistani dived $1.2 billion in 2016, and $2.1 bllion in 2015. Total of the investment since 2013 has $7.73 billion in Dubai’s real estate. Its pakistani Rs. around Rs 773 Billion. The total of the population in the UAE is 1.2 millions.

source: Express

Dubai’s land Authorities said that, over the 100 people nationalities invest in the UAE properties. Pakistani people over 2.2 million reside in United Arab Emirates. In United Kingdom pakistan  on the third number with 1.1 million and US is at the fourth with 0.7-1 million Pakistanis.

If the Pakistani people purchases in United Arab Emirates property, the government will share the data with pakistan government and both the countries know everthing about the deals between them even the income source.


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