Pakistan answers India’s new Defence system with “Ababeel”


India Recently launched its Anti-Missile defence shield technology but Inorder to sustain a name in the Nuclear present countries Pakistan needed to come up with something different and guess what? they have.

Pakistan recently introduced the Ababeel Missile to their list of weapons and is sure to blow the enemies minds away, The Missile can carry Nuclear warheads as well as Convectional but that is not the main highlight, the main highlight is its range, it comes with thje range of around 22,00 KM which is around 1400 MI (three times the distance from Islamabad and New-Delhi)

It claims to use the  multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRV) Technology, and the first tests was conducted on 24 January 2017. This missile is made to travel under the radar which increases its secrecy and can not be traced easily.

The press release from ISPR states that :

Development of the Ababeel weapon system is aimed at ensuring survivability of Pakistan’s ballistic missiles in the growing regional Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) environment. This will further reinforce deterrence.


another highlight of the missile is that it is able to carry multiple warheads which will be next to impossible for the Indian Defence system to overcome.



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Sufyan Khan


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