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Pakistan Air Force upgraded its Aircraft C-130 with new advanced features.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) upgraded its Aircraft C-130 with advanced features. They upgraded with new flight system in C-130 aircraft.

Pakistan Air force(PAF) upgraded Aircraft with flight system. The new advanced features including, advanced communication systems, modern aviation features, better navigation in a condition of bad weather. The advanced features Aircraft C-130 will be used for personnel in large amounts and transport other military equipment.

The 11 C-130E aircraft and 5 C-130B aircraft’s will be used for the flight systems. Here are the new advanced features of C-130 including, Required Navigation Performance (RNP), Area Navigation (RNAV), High Altitude Release Point ( precision airdrop software), Computed Air Release Point (also airdrop software), Modern digital autopilot, VHF (communication systems), HF (communication systems), SATCOM (communication systems), Navigation sensors, Weather radar,, Traffic collision avoidance system, Terrain awareness and warning system, Digital map.

According to the reports, expected that it will upgraded Aircraft by 2020. Rockwell Collins will provide the best technical supports including, flight manuals, checklists, maintenance.

PAF is also involved many other ventures, AESA radars are one of its development known as Active Electronically Scanned Array. They receiving its own frequency and they also avoid from the jamming measures.


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