A newborn bulldog was buried in snow on a street in England in January, while other canines were staying with their owners in warm houses, having good food, and enjoying their cozy sleep.

The poor puppy suffered from a deformity that left him with only three legs. His owners didn’t like him because he was the only one in the litter to be born with a defect. Without a second thought, they decided to dump him on the street in heavy snow.

It was freezing at night, and the snow didn’t seem to stop at any time soon. The puppy had been suffering for hours before a good Samaritan noticed him deeply buried in snow. At that moment, he was very close to death. The passerby was shocked at the condition of the newborn and didn’t understand whoever on Earth could do such things to him. But saving the dogs was more important!

The rescuer quickly contacted a local animal rescue team, who arrived at the street and took the puppy to a safe place. They named him Draper, he was a sweet boy.

For the next 24 hours, they kept him under the heater to regulate his blood temperature. At the same time, they cleaned his front leg and changed the bandages every hour. If it hadn’t been for their help, Draper wouldn’t have made it through the next morning.

Luckily, the dog was able to survive. He was quickly nursed back to health. Despite his disability, Draper was a cheerful dog who often plays with his doggy friends. He is now a healthy young boy and is ready for adoption.

Animal cruelty is something we’ve always been fighting against. Animals are innocent creatures, and they deserve to love and be loved. Please share Draper and his amazing story with other people, to encourage them to save and rescue animals.