Smart Device Facilitates to Control any Electrical Device Sitting at Home – Acquired by Orient Groups


Smart Device, the agreement between Director Orient Electronics Abdul Rehman Talat and CEO Smart Device  Abdul Ghaffar as a result of mutual understanding. Pakistan start Internet of Things system acquired by Blue East Private Limited.

Smart Device facilitates to control any electrical device at home with remotely and control anywhere around the globe. This smart device converted ekectronic device into Wi-Fi with the help of Smart Switchboard.

The Orient Electronics announced in a press conference and discussed this week. Smar device designed Switch Boards it works as a Wi-Fi. It will be connected to any electronic devices like Fans, Lights, Air Conditioners. These appliances can control with remotely.

According to Director of SM at Orient Electronic, this device was finalised by end of the year 2016.

Smart Device already won a lot of Awards,  Pakistan’s first IoT Award in 2015, recognition nationally and internationally, National Mobile App Award.

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