Herself Organize a Graduation Ceremony On Wednesday, February, 15th, 2017 For Womens Entrepreneurs.


Herself program, they are provides a empower to every woman in Pakistan. They are initiated by Punjab Information Technolgy Board (PITB) in Pakistan. Herself trained every woman by enlightening about opportunities in the technical sector. There are a low number of women’s works in technical sectors. But Herself empower every woman in technical sectors. Herself trying to educating women to involve in workplaces while sitting at homes.

Herself organized a Graduation ceremony for women Entrepreneurs held on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. In past six months, Herself trained 100+ women in Pakistan providing by professional trainers with entrepreneurial and pre-incubation training.


According to the C0-founder of Herself, Zainab Tariq and Ayesha Mubashir Marketing Executive at Herself, they took the stage and guide to the audience about the technical programs and more about the visions, partnerships and future plans. They are provides training sessions of soft skills development, communication and presentation skills, business skills.

These are the training include Photography, Graphic designing, Web designing. And Entrepreneurial skills such as managing finances, marketing, sales, blogging, project management, operation handling. There are the complete packages of Herself training sessions. It will train by professional trainers.

According to the Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board, He said that,

No economy can ever progress if its women don’t progress and with little job opportunities, venturing into entrepreneurship would benefit the society as a whole

Umar Said also discuss the technical culture in Pakistan with roles and importance of women in workplaces. He is very appreciated for those all women who efforts in making the culture successful.

Some are the women invited for this ceremony, Angela Braid, Co-Founder Polly, Anoosha Shaigan, Vice President Courting the Law, Ms. Sadaffe Abif, Co-Founder CIRCLE they were present in the ceremony. They joined the ceremony and discuss the importance of women’s in tech life. They were also discussed the problems and Ms. Sadaffe Abid said

My first advice is to develop a thick skin. It’s not going to be easy. Make full use of the resources available

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