Opera launched its latest version of ‘Opera Max 3’ to minimize data comsumption.


Opera introduced the latest version of Opera Max 3 for Android users to minimise data usage.

Opera is the best web browser for Window, Android, iOs smartphone users. They recently launched the latest version of Opera Max 3 to minimise mobile data usage. In the previous version, they launched the unlimited saving on data. Now they launched with tweaks and minimise data consumption.

Opera launch with a new design and offers to save maximise data on tools and while accessing Facebook. Opera Max is the popular Privacy and performance software. The software gives the best performance smartphone. It is best data saving tool and it is especially for facebook.

The software manages all the individual app tools in the smartphone and manages the data for minimising most data. They also introduced the block feature in software, you can block the individual apps. Moreover, the saving data including, 50 percent on Printerest, 60 percent on Instagram, 40 percent on LINE, BBM and Zalo apps. Now you can download the software from Google Play store.

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