Many old smartphones will become Gold MEDALS in 2020 Olympics in Japan


Many old smartphones will become Gold MEDALS in 2020 Olympics in Japan:

In japan, the useless or damaged home appliances and other electronic devices which are thrown out per year the weight of these Appliances round about 650,000 tons and very few of them will be used due to recycled.
The issues encompassing e-waste is just going to wind up distinctly all the more worried as the world’s dependence One such innovation develops, the specialists call attention to. In 2014, there was around 46 million tons of e-waste from disposing of telephones, PC screen, and another gadget, as indicated by a report from the United Nations in Japan.


The information gets from the NIKKEI the collected recycled item’s weight round about the 100,000 tons per year, but due to some Problem, the Japanese government was not able to recycle all of them. The net Olympic games are going to held in Tokyo Japan, The committee behind the 2020 medals this committee works under the Japanese taxpayers and japan is going to host The world’s largest sporting event.

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Japanese government said:

So the Japanese government said that the collect discarded electronic devices And also mine bronze, silver, and gold. The discarded electronic devices are the flat screen mobile phones, digital wristwatches, and refrigerators. These devices are regarded as “urban mines” containing thousands of tons of gold, silver, copper, iron and Other metals that can be salvaged, recycled and re-purposed.

Image Source: dailypakistan

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