Official:Yahoo Messenger is Finally Shutting Down After 20 Years


Yahoo Messenger is finally shutting down on 17 July ,after 20 year run . Yahoo messenger is one of the best and first messaging service for the PC back in the day.

As messaging services such as Facebook and whatsApp prevail the market. Yahoo’s parent company says that along the popular service of today ,it is also important to have a significant market.

The Yahoo’s parent company says that , Users of Yahoo Messenger are getting turned aside to Squirrel whenever trying to launch the app.

If you want,you can check it by visiting Squirrels web page.

The users back of Yahoo Messenger have not disclosed any details about the decision to shut down,other than the evident truth that it has been losing ground against any semblance of WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat for a long while now.

According to Randy Nelson,the head of mobile insights at sensor Tower:Squirrel could serve as replacement or those who will miss Messenger.Squirrels has released last month and it has been downloaded less than 5000 times ,as compared to yahoo messenger which has been downloaded nearly half-million during the last bquater.

Yahoo wrote;ย  ย we know that we have very loyal fan who have used Yahoo Messenger for chatting, he further added that we are focusing to introduce new,exciting communication tools (Squirrelย  currently in beta)ย  that will better fit consumer needs.

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Arooj Fatima


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