Oculus After Losing Lawsuit Pays Five Hundred Million Dollars to Zenimax


Oculus After Losing Lawsuit Pays Five Hundred Million Dollars to ZeniMax:

Zenimax is a company which creates and publish interactive entertainment content for computer laptops and MAC for the previous and the next generation and also for the mobile phones, In 2014 the Facebook takeover Oculus, so the Oculus Law suite and the Zenimax were claiming the code which is used by the Oculus company for to build its headset, so the Oculus, it’s part and at that time the Zenimax code was used in the final version Of the rift.

So they were breaking the agreement about the copyright, so after that, the Head of PC VR and Oculus co-founder has also Ordered to pay. So they were ordered to pay half billion dollars in a lawsuit. Oculus violated a Zenimax agreement in these days when the Oculus was building the Rift VR headset, And this judgment against Oculus, a jury awarded in polygon $200 million for NDA violation, plus $50 million for copyright And also $50 million award for both Oculus and co-founder Palmer Luckey this is due to the false designation, And there are also $150 million against former CEO Brendan Iribe.

$4 billion is the allover award and this is against Zenimax. The Tracey Thompson, director of the global communication said that the this is not the end of this story he also said that we will need to take to ensure there will not again misappropriate of technology.

Technology is the foundation but also its business and we consider that the thief of this technology is a serious matter.

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