Now Youtube Stars Can Live Stream,


Youtube Live Streaming

YouTube said it was introducing out live streaming from mobile devices for users with more than 10,000 subscribers, adding a feature tool that will surely help them make money, as it put to Facebook Live.

It is reported that feature will introduce very soon to the users moreover youtube also launched super chat where people highlighted their messages for free.

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Pakistani artists can now monetise their YouTube content

Any fan watching a live stream would be able to purchase that chat messages, that are highlighted in bright colours and stay highlighted to the top of the chat window for up to next five hours. Live video is very famous and getting a highly competitive feature on social platforms, with other companies competing to stream major sports events and fresh exclusive videos from high-profile events like Oscar and Grammy awards shows.

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when youtube started live streaming in 2014 then Facebook also launched their live streaming on Facebook in 2015. most of the customer converted from youtube to Facebook.

Now Pakistan can make money from youtube

Now all the people can live stream video on Facebook and youtube to make money and update people as well for the happening in their daily lives.and aviod fake news among people.

First, there’s the issue of bad quality. If you’ve ever going through the current live streams. You know how important the results can be when you let any other with a smartphone broadcast to the whole world. Some of it is trying to funny or entertaining. Some of it is very weird. And then there’s the subset of it that makes you question whether mobile live-streaming should exist at all or not?

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If you think things can get questionable on Periscope, just imagine what would happen if millions of YouTube users all of the sudden had the option to “go live.” How would they avail that power? A post-tremendous flashback to Chat comes to mind, and that wouldn’t even be the worst-case situation. Everything from live-streamed terrorist to the most critical moments of people’s lives could better up YouTube before the new feature could have a chance to prove its value to the people and competitors.



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