Now track Your Friend From WhatsApp New Feature



Messaging App WhatsApp is working on a new feature by which you can know the location of your friend in real-time. And will available in 50 different languages around the world.

Image Source: WhatsApp

According to the WAbetaInfo which is very famous for leak information about whatsApp this feature will only work on WhatsApp beta version for IOS. And 2.16.933+ for Android.


If we explain it so this App will help you like some of your friend in a group is going to meet and you want to know that each friend of same group is how far from its destination and you can see it may be for 1 minute or 2 or 5 of indifinite may be.

The live streaming is also allowed on it so let your friends know where are you at given location.

Image Source: Live Streaming

In December last year WhatsApp edit the messages beta for the IOS

WhatsApp Recently made a video which is rolled out from india to other countries feature is available on Windows, IOS, Android.

Now iPhone user can use whatsApp without internet

WhatsApp Already allows the tracking system to the phones but this Live Tracking is the more interesting upgrade to the App functioning.

Image Source: iPhone IOS

iPhone IOS also support that live Tracking system without any internet and the group as well if all the group members have phone with an upgrade version of IOS.



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