Now people can pay for Pakistan Transport Daewoo Express Ticket on Jazz Cash.


JazzCash now has partnered with Pakistan Transport Daewoo Express

Now people can pay for daewoo express ticket through JAzzCash. According to the agreement, people can pay for reserved tickets on JAzzCash. It’s easy for all customers of daewoo express they provide this fasility for everyone and now people now save the time.

source: Park orbit

Financial officer at Jazz Aniqa Afzal Sandhu said that,

This agreement allows for Daewoo Exress customers and security for its customers. Now customer does not stand in long lines for ticket and reach the station from hour. With a vision to digitize financial solutions, this is just one of the many partnerships we are in to ensure end users experience the benefits offered by digitization

source: JazzCash

Here’e the method of JazzCash payment, people now just visit official site if Daewoo Express Pakisyan and Choose JAzz Cash Mobile Account for payment. And customers can also book the tickets through Daewoo’s UAN number 111-007-008. Daewoo express recieve the booking number through sms. Now payment of the ticket through mobile account. And customers also can pay the bill on JazzCash retailer for ticket.


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