Now patients can book Doctors Appoinment on Marham – Find a Doctor and Book Online

CEO of Marham Ehsan Imam said the digital Health startup has been an investment of 1.5 Million at valuation. The investment came from investor Muhammad Khan who residence in Peshawar. Muhammad Khan a well-known investor in Peshawar. He is very impressed with that idea and mission of healthcare platform.

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Marham is a platform where patients can book the doctor online and read about healthcare. It is the great opportunity for patients, they can get information about hospital and doctors and different knowledge about healthcare. Marham is the most trustworthy and hope they become authentic for patients.

Ehsan Imam, hey did not mention the exact amount of investment but the mention that the investment are more than 1.5 Million. He Said,

We didn’t see it (investment) coming. Mohammad Khan (the investor) read about us on the internet and approached for a meeting. One thing led to another and we signed up the investment deal at the end of a few meetings.

source: tech

Marham is also working on to manage patients appointment and manage their doctors. Now, the Marham team talk with Akram Medical Complex and talk with more than 10 hospitals and clinics and offering. Marham’s this project will be a relief for doctors and patients. It’s also the save the time of patients and doctors.

According to the Marham, they have booked 4500 appointments in two months. They will be heavy investment on Marham and people can aware of the platform.


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