Now Jazz network users make own Bundle – ‘Jazz make your own Bundle offer’


Great package for Jazz network customers, now they own their own bundle offer including, Daily bundle, weekly offer, monthly offer.

First time in Pakistan, the Jazz telecom network offers to its customers ‘Jazz Make Your Own bundle Offer’. The Jazz network only offers this type of bundle to its customers in Pakistan. Now Jazz customers customise their own bundle offer which suitable for its user. The customers customise bundle offer according to its need. After making the bundle, Jazz network will offer price for the offer. This package will increase in customers.

For the subscription, Jazz users simply dial *303# and select the number of bundles. The package including, Daily bundles, weekly bundles, monthly bundles. People can simply choose the offer which is suitable for their needs.

People can dial for daily, weekly, Monthly bundle offers.
  • For Daily Bundle Dial     *303*1#
  • For Weekly Bundle Dial   *303*7#
  • For Monthly Bundle Dial  *303*30#

Jazz customers can customise the minute’s bundle. The package validities on Daily offer, Weekly offers Monthly offers.

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