Now charge Your Smart Phones Quick & Fast with Qualcomm


You have very less time to go to office and your mobile battery is almost dead and you want to charge your mobile maximum as much as you want.

Use powerful charger and good quality

I have a iPad charger which charges my mobile device more quickly and powerful charge in a very short time and if my iPhone is taking 3 hours from its own charger and from the iPad charger it take only 2 hours.

Image Source: Charger

Another charger i got success with Amazon GW power fast kindly charger and i haven’t find yet any problem or negative effect on a battery life m using it from many years.

Put the device on Airplane mode

And many websites and people experiences find that device charged twice faster in airplane as it charged in normal mode.

Remove any case

Yes and it is true that mobile charge slow when you put it warm during charging keep mobile at a cool place while charging.

This tip is for Apple-specific, and apply only to iDevices connected to an Apple Mac or MacBook’s USB port. Macs with USB 2.0 ports gives 2.5W of power, and USB 3.0 ports  give 4.5W of power, Apple said that one of those USB 3.0 ports is now giving 5.5W – which means using this will be compare to using the 5W charger that is given with your iPhone (but not the 10W charger that given with your iPad device).

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (and up-coming Charge 3.0)

Qualcomm quick charger is the next generation fasting charger it is very quick charger 2.0 device with 3300mAh to phone and charger 60% of battery in 30 minute.

Image source:Qualcomm Quick Charge

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