Now you can use Google Assistant application on your iPhone in few regions


Now you can use Google Assistant application on your iPhone in few regions:

This article is about the Google Assistant application now you can use this application on your iPhone in few regions. As we all know that Google Assistant application is belongs to an Android smartphone this application is only available to Android phones. There is a good news for iPhone users who want to use this application now they can install and use this Google Assistant application in Europe.

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Google Assistant App:

You guys can use this Google Assistant app in France, Germany and also in the UK. This Google Assistant application can provide the access to use and control your smartphones features with voice recognition feature. You can ask and command to this Google Assistant application it will give you answer your question as well as you can communicate with your another home devices with this Google Assistant application.

iOS 9.1:

This Google Assistant app can hold you’re the lightning system and also your thermostats as well as handle your voice calls and can make changes in your phone setting. This application will work on just iOS 9.1.

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