Now You Can Access Netflix By Using Your Brain



Netflix is a entertainment company made in August 29 1997 there in  Scott valley California.They provide media, video on who demands and DVD trough mail system. It contain films as well as Television programmes distribution and the headquarter is situated in Los Gatos California.

Image Source: Netflix

This app is basically a high Technology like if you want to think about some programme or take the app towards anything else it will bring you that thing in front of you and if you want to play a video so you think of video it will start streaming or playing that video for you .

Muse Headband

The main idea of this app is muse headband its a band tie on a fore head and then start using this app so this Muse Headband control and you mind access this app through this Headband.It takes the brain waves and touch that Headband of the wearer and access this app.

Image Source: Muse Headband

Day For Fun

Company provide one Hack day for fun to entertain people using this muse headband for their entertainment so that people get out their stress and feel relax by using it that day.And the team of Netflix feel very excited and creative and get motivated towards the performance through these hack days.These practices inspire many pretty idea and similar product also.

This app can’t read your mind but just deal with the Frontal Lobe the decision making epicentre of your brain.It is very clear that it deal with the command but according to the video or whatever above.


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