Now call Unlimited with Ufone Beyhisaab Offer

Connecting through calls or other means of communications is the necessity of our day to day life. But how come if the packages aren’t that much entertaining. So this will definitely affect life users.

On the other hand, Ufone is really working to improve customers’ satisfaction level. Improving coverage, extending their web of connectivity. Giving good rates, many thousands help corners, services guarantee, and best packages. These factors make BeyHisaab is one of the best offer, Ufone is pitching for their customers.

Ufone Beyhisaad Offer can provide you the freedom to call as many Ufone as well as PTCL numbers. You can use is customer friendly offer to call PTCL numbers without having any kinda tension.

Ufone Beyhisaab Offer

Ufone Unlimited
PTCL Minutes Unlimited
Activation *5700#
Price Rs. 12.00 only
Duration 1 Calendar Day (24 Hours)
Recursive No
Note: Customers can also activate this offer by visiting the Ufone Website and MyUfone App.
Term and Conditions:
  • Ufone will charge Rs. 0.13 + tax on every call user make.
  • Fair Usage of 300 minutes per subscription applies.
  • Offer is valid from the time of subscription to 12 AM the same day
  • Only PTCL and Ufone user can avail this offer.
  • On IVRs or shortcodes, this offers is not applicable.

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